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Oasis is a rock band from Burnage, Manchester, formed in 1991. The band was created after the members of a previous group called The Rain decided to part ways with their lead vocalist and bring in [a53887] as the new frontman. With the addition of [a5452], who had previously worked as a guitar roadie for [a=Inspiral Carpets]' [a=Clint Boon], Oasis began to establish themselves as a force in the music industry.

In 1999, two founding members left Oasis and Noel Gallagher took on their roles for the fourth album. This led to the recruitment of two new musicians, [a447669] and [a80566], who initially joined for touring purposes but eventually became full-time members and contributed to songwriting on subsequent albums.

However, tensions within the band reached a breaking point in 2009 when Noel Gallagher announced his departure following an altercation with his brother Liam. Despite this setback, the remaining members continued performing under the name Beady Eye while Noel went on to form his own solo project.


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