Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls is a post-hardcore band hailing from Bristol, United Kingdom. Formed in 2012, they have been making waves in the music scene with their powerful and energetic performances. With a unique blend of punk rock and feminist activism, Petrol Girls' music resonates with audiences worldwide. Their thought-provoking lyrics and raw sound make them a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Since their inception, Petrol Girls has been actively pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms through their music. Their passion for social justice shines through in every song they create, addressing issues such as gender inequality, mental health, and political unrest.

With an impressive discography under their belt, including albums like "Talk of Violence" and "Cut & Stitch," Petrol Girls continues to captivate listeners with their unapologetic approach to punk rock. Whether it's on stage or offstage, this band never fails to leave a lasting impact on anyone who encounters their powerful message.


Petrol Girls
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Petrol Girls

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