Philip Corner

Philip Corner is a US composer, trombonist, vocalist and pianist known for his contributions to experimental music. Born on April 10, 1933, he has established himself as an influential figure in the field. With a career spanning several decades, Corner's unique approach to composition and performance has captivated audiences worldwide.

Influenced by artists such as Morton Feldman and Terry Riley, Corner's work pushes the boundaries of traditional musical conventions. His compositions often incorporate unconventional techniques and explore new sonic possibilities. As a trombonist, vocalist, and pianist, he brings a diverse range of skills to his performances.

Corner has collaborated with renowned musicians including *Robert Haigh*, *Graham Lambkin*, and *Meredith Monk*. His music has been performed by esteemed ensembles such as *Ensemble Recherche* and the *Arditti Quartet*. Known for his improvisational style and innovative use of instruments, Corner continues to push the boundaries of experimental music.


Philip Corner
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