Portable grew out of the ruins of the post-apartheid era of South Africa, being part of the generation that was to bring about the freedom of Nelson Mandela and all that followed for his country. He is a celebrated live act who relocated to London in 1997. Inspired musically, yet frustrated geographically, Alan Abrahams began recording as Portable, the experimental, atmospheric project that acts a living link between the indigenous African sounds of his youth and those first records whose futuristic aesthetic broadened his horizons.

In 2002, he founded Süd Electronic record label and released his first single "Gridshift" which received critical acclaim. Over the years, Portable has released several full-length albums under different monikers like Bodycode. His music combines contemporary house music with song structures like hardly any other producer.

Portable's music reached new levels of exposure when his track 'Surrender' received accolades from Pitchfork and appeared on DJ Koze's critically acclaimed DJ-Kicks mix. In 2016, he signed with major record label !K7 and released his most personal album yet entitled "Alan Abrahams". Since then, Portable has continued to release captivating music receiving critical acclaim for its melancholic beauty.


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