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Renaissance was formed in London, UK, in 1969 by ex-Yardbirds vocalist Keith Relf and drummer Jim McCarty. They blended rock, folk, and classical music to create a unique sound. The band went through several lineup changes before stabilizing in 1973 with vocalist Annie Haslam, guitarist Michael Dunford, keyboardist John Tout, bassist Jon Camp, and drummer Terry Sullivan. They had success throughout the 70s and released their most popular single "Northern Lights" in 1978. After a period of decline in the early 80s, Renaissance disbanded in 1987 but reunited multiple times over the years for albums and tours.

In 2001, original members Haslam, Dunford, Tout, and Sullivan came together again to release a studio album called "Tuscany". They followed it up with a live album titled "In the Land of the Rising Sun" in 2002. In honor of their 40th anniversary in 2009, Haslam and Dunford reformed Renaissance for a concert tour featuring new members Rave Tesar on keyboards and David J. Keyes on bass. Additional members Tom Brislin on keyboards and Frank Pagano on drums joined later.

The band continued to perform live shows and released live CDs and DVDs from their tours. In 2013 they released their first studio album in twelve years titled "Grandine il Vento", which sadly became Michael


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