Rocket From The Crypt

Punk inspired rock and roll band from San Diego, *Rocket From The Crypt* was formed by John Reis in 1990. Known for their energetic live performances and catchy songs, the band quickly gained a loyal following. Drawing influences from punk, garage rock, and surf music, their sound is characterized by powerful guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and anthemic choruses.

With a career spanning over two decades, *Rocket From The Crypt* has released numerous albums and EPs that have received critical acclaim. Their music often explores themes of rebellion, love, and self-expression. The band's unique blend of punk attitude and rock sensibility has influenced a generation of musicians.

If you enjoy the music of *The Night Marchers*, *Hot Snakes*, or *Obits*, then you'll definitely appreciate the raw energy and infectious hooks of *Rocket From The Crypt*. Check out their discography to discover their signature sound that continues to resonate with fans around the world.


Rocket From The Crypt
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