Sagittarius was an American late 1960s studio group, devised by the record producer and songwriter, Gary Usher. The group also featured Curt Boettcher and many session musicians who worked on *The Millennium's* album *Begin*.

With their unique blend of pop and psychedelic sounds, Sagittarius captivated audiences during their brief but influential career. Their music drew inspiration from artists such as *Eternity's Children*, *The Left Banke*, and *Billy Nicholls*. Known for their intricate harmonies and lush arrangements, Sagittarius created a sound that was both timeless and ahead of its time.

Some other notable artists in the same vein as Sagittarius include *Curt Boettcher*, *Harpers Bizarre*, *The Yellow Balloon*, and *Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends*. Fans of dreamy, melodic pop will also enjoy discovering bands like *The Free Design*, *Wendy & Bonnie*, and *Emitt Rhodes*. With their rich musical tapestries and undeniable talent, Sagittarius remains a beloved name in the world of psychedelic pop.


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