Sankt Otten

Sankt Otten is an electronic/ambient band hailing from Osnabrück, Germany. With their formation in 1998, they have been creating captivating and atmospheric music that transcends genres. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences, Sankt Otten has crafted a unique sound that captivates listeners with its ethereal melodies and intricate compositions.

Similar to artists such as The Eye Of Time, Worriedaboutsatan, and Bersarin Quartett, Sankt Otten's music takes listeners on a journey through lush sonic landscapes. Their ability to seamlessly blend electronic elements with ambient textures creates a mesmerizing listening experience that is both introspective and immersive.

Whether you are a fan of Microbunny's experimental approach or Majeure's synth-driven soundscapes, Sankt Otten offers something for everyone. Their discography includes collaborations with talented performers like Heroin And Your Veins and Pomegranate, further showcasing their versatility as artists.


Sankt Otten
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