Saves The Day

An American alternative rock band, Saves The Day, emerged from Princeton, New Jersey in 1994 under the name Sefler. Their distinctive sound combines melodic hardcore and pop punk elements. Led by *Chris Conley* on vocals and guitar since their inception, the current lineup also includes guitarist *Arun Bali*, bassist *Rodrigo Palma*, and drummer Dennis Wilson.

Over the years, Saves The Day has seen several changes in their lineup. Former members include Bryan Newman on drums (1994-2002), Justin Gaylord on guitar (1994-1997), Anthony Anastacio on guitar (1997-1998), David Soloway on guitar and vocals (1998-2009), Ted Alexander on guitar (1998-2002), Sean McGrath on bass (1998–1999), Eben D'Amico on bass and vocals (1999–2005), Alex Garcia-Rivera on drums (2002), Pete Parada on drums (2002–2007), Manuel Carrero on bass (2005–2009), Durijah Lang on drums (2007–2009), Spencer Peterson on drums (2009–2010) and Claudio Rivera as their most recent drummer from 2010 to 2013.

Saves The Day draws inspiration from a range of musical influences. Fans of bands like The Movielife, The Get Up Kids, I


Saves The Day
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