Sun Araw

Sun Araw is an influential artist known for his unique blend of psychedelic rock, dub, and electronic music. With a career spanning over a decade, *Sun Araw* has gained a dedicated following for his experimental soundscapes and mesmerizing live performances.

Inspired by artists such as Eternal Tapestry, Eric Copeland, and Peaking Lights, *Sun Araw* creates immersive sonic experiences that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. His music combines elements of ambient textures, hypnotic rhythms, and intricate layers of instrumentation.

Collaborating with renowned musicians like James Ferraro and Oneohtrix Point Never, *Sun Araw* has pushed the boundaries of contemporary music. His discography includes critically acclaimed albums such as "On Patrol" and "Ancient Romans," which showcase his mastery of blending genres and creating atmospheric soundscapes.


Sun Araw
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