Swearin' is a Philadelphia based indie rock band that consists of *Allison Crutchfield*, singer/guitarist *Kyle Gilbride*, bassist *Keith Spencer* and drummer *Jeff Bolt*. Known for their raw energy and heartfelt lyrics, Swearin' has carved out a unique space in the indie rock scene. Drawing inspiration from bands like P.S. Eliot, Waxahatchee, and Hop Along, their music combines catchy hooks with introspective songwriting. With their infectious sound and captivating live performances, Swearin' continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Formed in [year], Swearin' quickly gained recognition for their distinct blend of punk and pop influences. Their debut album *[album name]* received critical acclaim, showcasing the band's ability to craft memorable melodies while maintaining an edgy edge. Since then, they have released several more albums that have further solidified their place as one of the most exciting bands in the indie rock genre.

With a dedicated fanbase and a reputation for delivering high-energy shows, Swearin' has toured extensively across North America and Europe. Their dynamic stage presence combined with their honest and relatable lyrics creates an immersive experience for fans at every performance. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their music, Swearin' is sure to leave you wanting more.


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