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The Darkness

The Darkness is a British rock band formed in Lowestoft, Suffolk in 2000 by brothers Justin Hawkins and Dan Hawkins. They recorded and released their debut album Permission to Land in 2003. After a hiatus, the band reunited in 2011 and released their third studio album Hot Cakes in 2012. With various lineup changes over the years, The Darkness have continued to release music, including albums Last of Our Kind (2015), Pinewood Smile (2017), and Easter Is Cancelled (2019).Justin Hawkins serves as the lead singer of The Darkness, bringing his powerful vocals and energetic stage presence to their performances. The band's sound is characterized by catchy hooks, heavy guitar riffs, and an overall classic rock influence.With their distinct style and memorable hits like "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" and "Growing on Me," The Darkness has garnered a dedicated fan base worldwide. Their dynamic live shows are known for their high energy and entertainment value.


The Darkness
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