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The Exploding Hearts

The Exploding Hearts were an American punk rock/power pop band formed in Portland, Oregon in 2001. They released their first single "(Making) Teenage Faces" b/w "Your Shadow" in the fall of 2002, followed by their only album on October 18, 2002. The band's career was tragically cut short when three members died in a rollover accident on July 20, 2003. However, their music lives on through the release of a compilation album containing demos, outtakes, rare tracks and singles from their career.

In 2014, the two surviving members Terry Six and Louie Bankston formed a new band called Terry & Louie. And now, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Guitar Romantic in 2023, Terry Six performed live at select US dates with Murat Aktürk on lead guitar, Chad Savage on bass, and John Tyree on drums.

Despite their short-lived existence as The Exploding Hearts, their impact is still felt within the punk rock/power pop genre. Their music continues to resonate with fans old and new alike.


The Exploding Hearts
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