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The Mighty Sparrow

Calypso and Soca singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Trinidad. The Mighty Sparrow was born on July 9, 1935 in Grand Roy, Grenada. His iconic 1956 song "Jean and Dinah (When The Yankees Gon)" catapulted him to fame as one of the most renowned calypso performers of all time.

The Mighty Sparrow's musical style blends infectious rhythms with witty lyrics that often touch on social and political issues. With a career spanning several decades, he has become a true legend in the world of Caribbean music.

Similar artists who have been influenced by his unique sound include Scrunter, Baron., Crazy, Sugar Aloes, Byron Lee, David Rudder, Explainer, Arrow, Burning Flames, Lord Kitchener, Super Blue, Swallow, Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee duo , Shadow , Byron Lee & The Dragonaires band , The Merrymen group , Krosfyah band , Mac Fingal artist , Lord Nelson performer , and Atlantik featuring Tony Prescott.


The Mighty Sparrow
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