The Prefects

The Prefects were a punk band from Birmingham. In 1976 singer Robert Lloyd, with guitarist/drummer brothers Alan and Paul Apperley formed after an advert was placed in the Birmingham Evening Mail. They were Birmingham's first punk group.

The band were part of The Clash's 'White Riot Tour', toured with Buzzcocks, played with The Slits, The Fall, The Damned and many others, before recording two sessions for the John Peel radio show.

The band acquired legendary status in the UK, partly because no records were released until the band had split up, and then, only one posthumous single on Rough Trade. However, (and following a semi-official retrospective, The Sound of Tomorrow on Rush Release) in November 2004 a retrospective compilation was released by NYC record label Acute Records which, twenty five years after the group's demise garnered praise all over from webzines to Rolling Stone. The interest was such that now a Live in 1978 CD was also released on British label Caroline True Records in 2005.

They are best remembered for their seven-second opus "I've Got V.D.". The Prefects' final line up transformed into The Nightingales after they split.


The Prefects
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