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The Rentals

The Rentals is the new wave-influenced project of singer/songwriter Matt Sharp, former bassist for '90s power pop favorites Weezer. Formed in 1994, the band's debut album "Return Of The Rentals" achieved success with the infectious lead single, "Friends of P.". After a hiatus, they returned with "The Last Little Life EP" in 2007 and their third studio album, "Lost In Alphaville", in 2014. In November 2019, Sharp announced Q36 - a project that would release a new Rentals single every two weeks for 6 months, culminating in a new LP in June 2020.

During their early years, The Rentals featured talented musicians such as Pat Wilson on drums (also from Weezer), Petra Haden on violin (from that dog.), Cherielynn Westrich on vocals/keyboard, and Rod Cervera on guitar.

With an impressive discography and an ever-evolving lineup, The Rentals continue to captivate fans with their unique blend of new wave and alternative rock.


The Rentals
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