The Scary Jokes

The Scary Jokes is the solo project of Liz Lehman, a queer musician, activist, and visual artist based in New Jersey. Their music delves into the darker side of dreamy bedroom pop, with a sound that can be described as hallucinogenic, surrealist, and nightmare-like. Starting in 2014 from their own bedroom in New Jersey, The Scary Jokes gained a devoted following on Tumblr with early demos. They released their first album on cassette through Moon Boy Records and self-released it on Bandcamp. In 2020, they signed to Needlejuice Records and began reissuing their catalog. Currently residing in Pennsylvania with partner and occasional collaborator abernathy, who played guitar and contributed lyrics for Burn Pygmalion, Liz has built a significant online following through three independent releases.


The Scary Jokes
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