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The Upsetters

The Upsetters is a studio band formed in 1968 for the Upsetter label. Led by Lee Perry, they had three line-ups throughout their career. The first line-up, also known as Gladdy's All-Stars, recorded hits like "Man from MI5" and "Return of Django". In 1969, Perry collaborated with another band called The Hippy Boys for a European tour. After working closely with The Wailers until 1971, the Barrett brothers joined Bob Marley. From 1972 onwards, The Upsetters became a floating band with ever-changing members. During the Black Ark era (1974-1979), Boris Gardiner and Earl "Chinna" Smith were part of the core group.

Throughout their existence from 1968 to 1986, The Upsetters worked with various talented musicians including Aston "Family Man" Barrett on bass and Carlton Barrett on drums. They also collaborated with notable keyboardists such as Glen Adams and Winston Wright. Guitarists like Alva Lewis and Earl "Chinna" Smith added their unique touch to the band's sound while saxophonist Tommy McCook and horn players Vin Gordon and Bobby Ellis brought soulful melodies to their music.

With vocals provided by Lee Perry himself along with Dave Barker, Leo Graham, Max Romeo, and Jah Lion at different times, The Upsetters created an impressive discography that showcased their versatility across genres like


The Upsetters
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