Trivium is a heavy metal / thrash / metalcore band hailing from Orlando, Florida, USA. Formed in 1999 as a trio consisting of Brad Lewter (vocals, bass), Jarred Bonaparte (guitar), and Travis Smith (drums), the band underwent several lineup changes before solidifying their current members. Matt Heafy joined as a guitarist/backing vocalist in late 1999 and eventually took over lead vocals when Lewter departed in 2000. Bonaparte switched to bass but left in 2001. Smith, the last founding member, left the band in late 2009.

The current lineup features Matt Heafy on guitars and lead vocals since 2000, Corey Beaulieu on guitars and unclean backing vocals since 2003, Paolo Gregoletto on bass and clean backing vocals since 2004, and Alex Bent on drums and percussion since 2016.

Over the years, Trivium has seen various former members come and go including Brent Young (guitars/bass/backing vocals), Richie Brown (bass), George Moore (guitars), Nick Augusto (drums/percussion), Mat Madiro (drums/percussion), and Paul Wandtke (drums/percussion).


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