American-French electronic musician, songwriter, rapper and fashion designer Uffie was born on December 9, 1987 in Miami, Florida. Formerly signed to Ed Banger Records and Elektra Records, she took a hiatus before making a comeback with new music in 2017.

Uffie's unique blend of electronic beats and rap has captivated audiences worldwide. Her music is often described as innovative and edgy, drawing inspiration from various genres such as pop, hip-hop, and electro. With her distinctive style and catchy lyrics, Uffie has carved out a niche for herself in the music industry.

In addition to her musical talents, Uffie is also known for her fashion-forward sense of style. As a fashion designer herself, she brings an element of creativity and individuality to both her music and personal brand. Her influence can be seen not only in the world of music but also in the realm of fashion.


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