Unholy was a Finnish Death/Doom Metal band formed in 1988. They were one of the pioneers of doom metal in Finland and gained underground popularity with their unique sound. After changing their name from [a2128395], Unholy signed with Lethal Records and released their first album, "From the Shadows," in 1993. Despite disbanding in 1994, they re-formed two years later and went on to release two more albums before officially splitting up in 2002. The band reunited briefly in 2009 but ultimately ended their comeback tour and disbanded for good in August 2012.

The last line-up of Unholy consisted of Pasi Äijö on vocals and bass, Jarkko Toivonen on guitar, Ismo Toivonen on guitar and keyboards, and Jan Kuhanen on drums.

Throughout their career, Unholy left a lasting impact on the death/doom metal genre with their atmospheric soundscapes and haunting melodies. Their music continues to inspire fans worldwide.


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