Utopia is a US American rock band that was formed in 1973 by Todd Rundgren. Originally known as Todd Rundgren's Utopia, the group started off as a progressive rock band with a changing lineup. Many of the members also played on Rundgren's solo albums during this time. By 1976, the band had solidified into a quartet consisting of Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell, and John "Willie" Wilcox and became known simply as Utopia. They transitioned from prog-rock to more mainstream rock and pop music.

In 1980, Utopia achieved success with their top 40 hit "Set Me Free". Despite being often associated with Todd Rundgren, all four members of Utopia contributed to writing, singing, producing, and performing on their albums. For example, "Set Me Free" was sung by Kasim Sulton. The band disbanded in 1986 but briefly reunited in 1992. In recent years since 2011, they have revived the earlier prog-rock incarnation called Todd Rundgren's Utopia for live shows.

Discover the iconic sound of Utopia - an influential rock band that seamlessly blended progressive elements with catchy melodies and powerful performances. With their unique musical vision and contributions from each member, Utopia created timeless songs that continue to captivate audiences today.


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