Zs is an American Avant-Garde music group founded in 2000 in Brooklyn, New York. Known for their unique style and experimental sound, they have been described as "brutal-prog", "brutal chamber", and "post-minimalism". Their music challenges the physical and mental limitations of both performer and listener, using extended technique, unique instrumental synthesis, and near telepathic communication. With a focus on creating works that unfold sonically over time, Zs aims to evoke unspoken past, present, and future rites and rituals.

In 2003, Zs released their first record on Troubleman Unlimited through their Vothoc imprint curated by Mick Barr. Originally a sextet, the group has evolved into a quartet consisting of Sam Hillmer (tenor saxophone), Ian Antonio (drum set), Ben Greenberg (electric guitar), and Amnon Freidlin (electric guitar). They gained critical acclaim with their album "Arms" in 2007 but also faced ridicule when Howard Stern played it on his radio show. Despite this setback, Zs continued to push boundaries in their music.

Zs draws inspiration from various genres such as Extra Life, Tyondai Braxton, Cheer-Accident, Laddio Bolocko,and more. Currently signed with


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