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Albums of the Month - December 2018

Album of the Month - December 2018

Amor - Sinking Into A Miracle

Rough Trade Exclusive Clear Vinyl with Exclusive Four-Track Bonus CD featuring the two previously vinyl-only 12"s Paradise and Higher Moment.

The debut album from Glaswegians Richard Youngs (vocals), Michael Francis Duch (bass), Paul Thomson (percussion/drums) and Luke Fowler (synths/keys), is a playful and mysterious piece, spilling over with funky optimism and blissed out beats.

The strands of melody play and shift around as a dancing bass drags you on to the (surely) flashing dancefloor. Handclaps and percussion permeate throughout, embellishing the tracks with infectious accoutrement. The vocals have a face-to-sun euphoria. They call out while funk-synths whoop and thrumming drums rattle. The loops carry you along in a river of laidback shuffling carnival Afro-grooves.

An enveloping album splashed with new-age positivity, a clear-eyed glimpse of the future powered by mutant disco rhythms, plaintive piano and hypnotic mantras.

Albums of the Month

2. Jon Spencer - Spencer Sings The Hits

3. Thought Gang (David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti) - Thought Gang

4. Vera Sola - Shades

5. Jeff Tweedy - Warm

6. Grapetooth - Grapetooth

7. Charles Bradley - Black Velvet

8. Rosali - Trouble Anyway

9. Straight Arrows - On Top!

10. Ed Harcourt - Beyond The End


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