Albums of The Month - June 2019

Album of the Month - June 2019

Pip Blom - Boat
Albums of the Month

Available on Rough Trade Exclusive White Vinyl (Only Colored Version Available Anywhere), 1000 copies.

Amsterdam is a city of canals: liquid alleys spreading like veins feeding the city’s heart. Pip Blom’s music buoys on these waters. Their crew is headed by Pip Blom herself, her brother Tender on the guitar, Darek Mercks (bass) and Gini Cameron (drums). Together they write hook-laden pop jewels that knotted together composed their new album, ‘Boat’. The record was produced by Dave McCracken (Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine) and mixed by Dillip Harris in a shipping container on the banks of the Thames in East London. A delectable listen to soundtrack these sunnier days.

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