Albums of The Month - May 2019

Album of the Month - May 2019

Viagra Boys - Street Worms (Extended)
Albums of the Month

Rough Trade Exclusive clear vinyl plus download and bonus CD with an inner sleeve signed and numbered by the band.

Street Worms, originally released in September 2018, saw the Stockholm-formed sextet Viagra Boys explode on to the scene with feverish energy and caustic irony. Their initial nine-track debut album has been expanded with five brand new songs carrying the same infectious 'ugly gonzo post-punk' spirit.

Fronted by the distinctively tattooed Sebastian 'Sebbe' Murphy (himself a tattoo artist), he delivers a devastating vocal showerstorm over the churning overdriven guitars and relentlessly driving rhythms. Singing as if he's having an existential breakdown, the lyrics tackle the absurdness of existence - as if being anything at all is some kind of joke on humanity - 'It was all a dream, but it was so nice/I had a nice house and such a lovely wife.'

Another theme the album tackles is, as their name intends to pun, man's failed role in society - and will we ever get that agenda on Sports out of our heads? 'Baseball/Basketball/Weiner dog/Short shorts/Cigarette'. They snarl at everyday behaviours such as exaggerated virility and classism, but manage to conjure some humour out of the serious issues. And despite the anger and anxiety towards masculine insufficiency, there's a sensitivity and a humanism running through the album too - 'You'll turn into dirt someday/Same dirt as me/Like one becomes a two and two becomes a three/The same worms that eat me will someday eat you too'.

All in all, Street Worms is a powerfully captivating blend of theatrics, rock’n’roll, post-punk and passion from Sweden’s answer to Idles and Sleaford Mods.

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