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Lex Records is an innovative independent record label that was founded in 2001 by Tom Brown. Based in London and New York, Lex Records straddles the diverse worlds of alternative music, collaboration, and hip hop.  

Originally a hip-hop focused imprint of Warp Records, Lex quickly expanded its scope to encompass a diverse range of genres and artists. Its roster boasts releases by some of the most influential artists in experimental and hip-hop music, including Danger Mouse, Eyedress, and the late rap legend MF DOOM, who the label collaborated with for a decade. The label helped shape the soundscape of early 2000s indie and experimental music and continues to push boundaries. In addition to its work with established artists, Lex Records is known for its commitment to nurturing and discovering emerging talent.  

The label is renowned not only for its sound but also for its distinctive visual aesthetic. Collaborating with cutting-edge visual artists, producing uniquely packaged vinyl records, compelling music videos, and has ventured into film, music, and audiobook projects with Alan Moore.  

With values rooted in creativity, quality, and authenticity, Lex Records celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, with its rich history and a continually evolving roster, it remains a beacon for fans of innovative and boundary-pushing music.


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