Menace Beach | live + signing

Monday, 23rd January 2017

From 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Rough Trade East

Menace Beach will be Live in-store at Rough Trade East to perform tracks from new album 'Lemon Memory', released 20th January on Memphis Industries Records.

6.30pm Doors // 7.00pm On-stage // 7.45pm Signing // 9.00pm close.

Having received a rapturous reception to their raucous 2015 debut ‘Ratworld’, Menace Beach, the brainchild of Leeds based Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, return with their second album ‘Lemon Memory’ on 20 January 2017.

‘Lemon Memory’ is in part an effort to lift a citrus based curse – trust us, it’s a real thing - Ryan and Liza believe was placed on their house, using the hex breaking power of music. With bad things happening at home, from a giant rodent infestation, to gangs breaking in to attack their landlord, Menace Beach left Leeds behind clutching a copy of ‘Mysterious Cults’ a book they’d picked up while on tour and hotfooted it to Ibiza with start writing the follow up to ‘Ratworld’.

Whilst it’s not immediately apparent that the White Island had any direct effect on their song-writing, that’s perhaps explained by their decision to “keep in mind that doing The Opposite is much more interesting.” As Ryan says “i realised pretty quickly that we’d end up with a much more refined and interesting record if i just shut up with the “the last chorus needs to be louder and double” stuff that i usually go in for”.

Which also explains why, if Ratworld was Ryan’s record, ‘Lemon Memory’ is very much a Liza record. Ryan explains: “Liza got that look in the eye and a head-down-blinkers-on thing, and only a moron would try and get in the way of that. It’s all about keeping those ideas in their purest form and diluting as little as possible.”

With writing complete, they headed straight back to Sheffield in the studio with Ross Orton (MIA, Arctic Monkeys, The Fall). Kicking off the album with perhaps the most straightforwardly pop moment on the record, ‘Give Blood’, ‘Lemon Memory’ gradually reveals itself is a more stretched out affair, exploring Motorik nooks and psych crannies whilst never letting go of Menace Beach’s way with a wayward melody. Culminating in the epic drone of Hex Breaker II, ‘Lemon Memory’ may or may not be the key to breaking a lemon related curse; what it definitely is the sound of a band forging their own identity, edging closer to some sort of grimy truth.

“Joyfully capture the exhilaration of alternative's recent past”


“Like Bleach era Nirvana tanked up on candyfloss and ketamine”


“If Menace Beach were from Brooklyn or Seattle the hype would be deafening”