Viking Moses | live

Thursday, 25th May 2017

From 6:00pm to 6:28pm

This is a free event

Rough Trade West

Viking Moses will be performing Live in-store at Rough Trade West.

New split 7" with Sam Goodwill, 'Oxygen / Clown School', released 26th May on Song By Toad Records.

6.00pm Start // 6.30pm Signing // FREE ENTRY.

Viking Moses, AKA Brendon Massei, achieves a special balance of warmth and command, with familiar melodies that draw in listeners and oblige them to stay. Called "'The most uniquely talented American musician since Kurt Cobain" (Alan McGee, The Guardian), Massei's strongly lyrical songs are played out through tunes that flirt with pop, soul and Americana. Currently based in Baltimore, Massei has spent more than 20 years touring and developing new music and artists worldwide.

Brendon Massei began touring regularly around 1993, first under his own name, then under the moniker Supperbell Roundup, before finally settling on Viking Moses in 2003. In the style of rock/soul, Viking Moses became known in 2004, thanks to Devendra Banhart's Golden Apples of the Suncompilation and good words, followed by a signing by Alan McGee (Creation Records founder, manager of Oasis and Mogwai).

Viking Moses has toured with Scout Niblett, Phosphorescent, Little Wings, and The Shivers. Massei is also known for bringing musicians including Deer Tick's John McCauley, Mike Sherk of Mandarin Dynasty, Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projectors and Jana Hunter on their first tours.

Massei was close with Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. fame; following Molina's death, Massei wrote about their friendship in an article for Common Folk Music, and contributed to a covers album benefitting the late singer's family, titled The Static and the Distance.

Massei's tour warrior antics have drawn him attention, including a 2011 feature-length documentary by Pulse Films about his life and lifestyle as a touring musician.

In 2012, the song "Dancing by the Water Day", from the 2006 release Crosses was featured in the film Kelly + Victor.

Viking moses split 7

Sam Buonavolontà (Italian Translation: Goodwill) is a songwriter, singer, sound engineer and producer, crafting experimental music under the alias Sam Goodwill for over a decade. Rooted in thematic lyricism, his music combines engaging songwriting with the drama and energy of rock n' roll. A solo artist, Sam frequently collaborates with a rotating cast of friends and colleagues in the studio and on stage.

Brendon Massei, aka Viking Moses, has been writing, recording music since he was a teenager. He's toured with Deer Tick, Scout Niblett and Nat Baldwin of the Dirty Projectors. Strongly lyrical, his songs are played out through tunes that flirt with pop, soul and Americana, all strung together with a unique pulsing guitar, and by Massei's robust voice, which ebbs from delicate whispers to throaty howls.

Recorded over a couple of days while Sam and Brendon were in Edinburgh last Summer, this is a pair of spacious, minimal recordings, (re)uniting both songwriters with Ceylan Hay - an Edinburgh-based experimental folk artist and an old friend of Brendon's and a new friend of Sam's. In the down-time between tour shows they hung out in Song, by Toad Records' Happiness Hotel recording studio and made these two songs. 'Clown School' is a version of an old song which Brendon used to sing regularly back when he lived in Edinburgh years ago, and stayed at Ceylan's Mum's house, whereas 'Oxygen' is a new Sam Goodwill tune, with the arrangement semi-improvised and fortunately captured just days before Sam lost his voice. The result is a perfect record of a lovely few days in late-Summer Edinburgh sunshine making music with friends old new for no better reason than that it's a nice thing to do.