Staff Albums Of The Year 2018

Adrian D (Rough Trade Bristol)

2018 12 06 09 06 36

1. The Beths - Future Me Hates Me

Karaoke for the broken hearted. This album came out of nowhere and has left me spinning, it's a little bit emo, a little bit fuzzy indie pop and it's the most fun I've had all year. Those vocal harmonies are to die for.

2. Forth Wanderers - Forth Wanderers

The dissonant guitars in this album are probably my favourite 'sound' of 2018. One listen to Company and you'll hear what I mean. This is a raw record, which should probably be my number one, so let's say it's a joint number one. The songs are bitter yet saccharine, hazy and melancholy. Best listened to lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling and trying to work out what's next.

3. Fickle Friends - You Are Someone Else


4. Soccer Mommy - Clean

I first heard this record on Christmas Eve last year after everyone else had gone home and I was tidying up. I listened to it from start to finish and was blown away. It is equal measures empowering and sad, but delivered with honesty and great songwriting. Could easily be my number one on a different day.

5. Mastersystem - Dance Music

Where to begin? Scott Hutchison came to play songs from this album in our live space a couple of weeks before he sadly left this plain. The post-hardcore bite of the songs were stripped back in that performance, with just him on stage, bringing every word to life and delivering them from the bottom of his gut. A treasured memory I hope I never lose.

6. Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want

I can't help but fell like I'm trapped in a haunted fairground when I listen to this record. It's claustrophobic, uncompromising and I love it. Can't wait to hear these live. Also the album that made us realise as a band that our new record is not good enough.

7. Mitski - Be The Cowboy

Sometimes an album gets played in the shop and it passes us by, and it's only when you're sat alone, headphones on, in a dark room, that you realise it's a masterpiece. My Mitski epiphany only happened last week, and I wish I'd chased after her when I first fell in love with Nobody, rather than let her slip away.

8. Grouper - Grid Of Points

Twenty minutes of pure sadness. The details within each song are truly beautiful, the field recordings, the haunting vocals, the fragile and fractured music. It's over so quickly, like a fleeting glimpse at a future that could have been perfect.

9. Deaf Wish - Lithium Zion

Angry, sarcastic and brilliant. A few nods to Sonic Youth here, but that ain't a bad thing.

10. Boygenius - Boygenius EP

Who am I trying to kid, this is my number 1 really right? An EP sent straight from the devil and into my impressionable ears and heart. WHY DO THIS TO ME? Essential listening.