Staff Albums Of The Year

Al (Rough Trade West)

1. Phantastic Ferniture - Phantastic Ferniture

Aussie grown garage pop to make you feel good. Perfect for when you want to sit on a bus, look out the window and feel teenage rebellion and summer nostalgia at the same time.

2. Aurora - Infections of a Different Kind

Aurora is a fairy sent from another planet and we must protect her at all costs.

3. The Babe Rainbow (Aus) - Double Rainbow

Second album from the Byron psychedelic babes that we all want to be friends with. It's beachy funk with '60s homage and an album sleeve that would look great on a t-shirt. Eureka is the standout track.

4. Charles Watson - Now That I'm a River

Watson's solo debut made him a highlight at 2018's Green Man Festival. Its subtly textured vocals and lingering riffs- ideal dressing gown music.

5. The Nude Party - The Nude Party

Recorded at Woodstock (yes...) the Nude Party's debut is a cosmic surf ride into an electric dreamland.

6. Shannon and The Clams - Onion

You can't really go wrong with a record titled Onion. 2018 was the year for beach vibes all round making this another great summer trip. However if you listen closely to the lyrics there's an honest undertone thats unexpected and all too true to life.

7. Insecure Men - Insecure Men

8. Massayoshi Fujita - Book of Life

9. Imarhan - Temet

10. Otzeki - Sun is Rising