Album of the Month - December 2019

Conquest eploded

Mix Master Mike - Conquest

Rough Trade Exclusive red vinyl with bonus CD of Conquest megamix.

Conquest is the first studio album since 2004's Bangzilla classic from Mix Master Mike. The legendary Beastie Boys DJ's new album is a worldwide exclusive and only available at Rough Trade. From the hump bass of Emag Revo to the uprock of Drumz Of Deth this jams non stop. Channel Zektar skips while War Island Ave brings its metal chops on board. Oh yeah - did we mention Rude Killer featuring the legendary Flowdan too? The man makes music out of nothing. The sonic sorcerer, babylon destroyer extraordinaire Mix Master Mike!

Albums of the Month

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4. Avalanche Party - 24 Carat Diamond Trephine

5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen

6. Yann Tiersen - Portrait

7. Will Samson - Paralanguage

10. Bonnie Prince Billy - I Made a Place