Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas (born October 4, 1937 – died May 8, 1999) was an American jazz singer who gained recognition in 1969 for his performance of "The Creator Has a Master Plan" alongside *Pharoah Sanders*. He showcased that avant-garde jazz could appeal to a wider audience. Known for his yodeling during vocal performances, Thomas brought a unique element to his music. Additionally, he collaborated with various artists such as *Carlos Santana* and *Count Basie*. His contributions as a sideman were also notable, including his work on a record by *Joe Henderson* in 1970 and his collaboration with *Stanley Turrentine* from 1973-1974. Unfortunately, Thomas passed away due to heart failure on May 8, 1999.

Leon Thomas's style has influenced many contemporary artists within the R&B and soul genres. If you enjoy the sounds of artists like Marco McKinnis, Xavier Omär, or Leven Kali, then Leon Thomas's music is definitely worth exploring.

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Leon Thomas
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