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Rei Assa, also known as Señor Tavares, is a Cape Verdean rapper born in Dakar, Senegal on September 7th, 1985. He is based in Dorchester, Massachusetts and performs with lyrics in Cape Verdean Creole. Rei was a member of the Boston-based rap group BM (Bullet Movement) and released several mix-CDs with them. In 2008, he began releasing solo projects and collaborated with Ildo Depina to release his debut album "Sr. Tavares" in 2009.

During his time with BM, Rei Assa gained recognition within the Cape Verdean community for songs like "Li Na Boston", "Nha Talento", and "Batida". The group's third mix-CD "3 Stripes" featured the hit single "Mexi Bunda", which reached number one on Cape Verdean national radio station PraiaFM.

In 2009, Rei Assa joined forces with Ildo Depina to form the music label Lo Records. Together they released his debut album "Sr. Tavares" which showcased acclaimed singles such as "Bo e Boa", "Dorchester, Roxbury", "Mama", and "Nos Cultura, Nos Terra".


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