Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern, born on March 18, 1976, is an American musician, songwriter, and guitarist. Known for her technical skill and finger-tapping style of guitar play, she has gained widespread acclaim in the music industry. Currently residing in New York City, Marnie Stern's unique approach to music sets her apart from other artists.

With a distinctive sound that combines elements of rock and experimental genres, Marnie Stern's music resonates with fans who appreciate innovative compositions. Her talent as a guitarist shines through in every performance. Some similar artists who share her passion for pushing musical boundaries include Hella, Bygones, Zach Hill, Ponytail, Lightning Bolt, Don Caballero, Tera Melos, Liars,

The I.L.Y's, Yowie, No Age, Polvo, Arab On Radar, The Mae Shi, By The End Of Tonight, Black Eyes, Melt-Banana, Dilute,

and Chll Pll. Whether you're a fan of intricate guitar work or simply enjoy discovering new sounds and styles,Marnie Stern is an artist worth exploring.


Marnie Stern
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