Ozric Tentacles

Ozric Tentacles is an English progressive/space/psychedelic rock band founded in 1983 in Somerset. They blend jazz rock, hard rock, and acid rock with influences from world music to create a dynamic and diverse sound. With over 30 albums released and selling over a million copies worldwide, the band has achieved remarkable success without signing to a major recording label. Despite numerous line-up changes, co-founder and guitarist Ed Wynne has remained the sole original member of the band.

The current line-up includes Ed Wynne on guitars, keyboards, bass, programming, and various instruments since 1983. Brandi Wynne joined as bassist from 2004-2016 and returned in 2022. Silas Wynne handles keyboards and synthesizers since 2009 while Tim Wallander takes charge of drums and percussion starting from 2022.

With their instrumental compositions being the highlight of their discography (with only a few minor exceptions), Ozric Tentacles' music showcases ambition blended seamlessly with natural talent. Their energetic and slick sound is sure to captivate fans of progressive rock genres.


Ozric Tentacles
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