Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers is a Northern Irish punk band formed in 1977. The original members were Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Henry Cluney, and Brian Faloon. They gained recognition for their debut LP "Inflammable Material" which featured iconic songs like "Alternative Ulster", "Suspect Device", and "Wasted Life". The band moved to London in 1979 and released the LP "Nobody's Heroes" with Chrysalis Records. Despite lineup changes, they continued exploring similar themes through their music. In 1983, the band disbanded but reformed in 1987 with Burns, McMordie, Cluney, and new drummer Dolphin Taylor. They still tour today.

In 1990, Bruce Foxton of The Jam joined as bassist after McMordie temporarily left the band. However, McMordie returned in 2006. The current lineup includes Burns on vocals/guitar, McMordie on bass guitar, Ian McCallum on guitar, and Steve Grantley on drums.

In addition to Stiff Little Fingers' ongoing success, two former members (Cluney and Reilly) formed a new band called [a5142163] in 2015 along with two other musicians. Although Reilly has since left due to health reasons, the band continues to be active.


Stiff Little Fingers
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