The Proper Ornaments

The Proper Ornaments is an indiepop band hailing from London, UK. Their music resonates with a captivating blend of dreamy melodies and catchy guitar riffs. Drawing inspiration from bands like Veronica Falls, Ultimate Painting, and Ulrika Spacek, their sound creates a nostalgic atmosphere that transports listeners to another time. With influences ranging from Crystal Stilts to White Fence, The Proper Ornaments have carved out their own unique space in the indie music scene.

Formed by *James Hoare* and *Max Oscarnold*, The Proper Ornaments have gained recognition for their distinctive songwriting style and intimate live performances. Their music has garnered praise from critics and fans alike, drawing comparisons to artists such as Kelley Stoltz, Papercuts, and Twerps. Combining elements of psych-pop with jangly guitars reminiscent of Quilt and TOY, their songs evoke a sense of introspection and longing.

With releases on esteemed labels like Slumberland Records and Trouble In Mind Records, The Proper Ornaments continue to captivate audiences with their mesmerizing soundscapes. Whether it's the intricate arrangements found in Chris Cohen's work or the infectious energy of The Fresh & Onlys' music, this band's sonic palette is both diverse and alluring. As they embark on new musical ventures alongside acts like The Stroppies and En Attendant Ana, The Proper Ornaments are sure to leave an indelible mark on the


The Proper Ornaments
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