Tom Chaplin

Tom Chaplin is the lead singer of Keane, a British rock band known for their heartfelt and anthemic sound. Born in Hastings, UK on March 8, 1979, Chaplin's powerful vocals and emotive lyrics have captivated audiences worldwide. With influences ranging from Snow Patrol to The Killers, his music resonates with fans who appreciate honest and introspective songwriting. Whether performing with Keane or pursuing solo projects, Chaplin continues to inspire listeners with his passionate performances.

Chaplin's distinctive voice has become synonymous with Keane's signature sound. As the frontman of the band, he has helped create hits like "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Everybody's Changing," earning critical acclaim and commercial success. His talent as a songwriter shines through in tracks that explore themes of love, loss, and personal growth.

In addition to his work with Keane, Chaplin has collaborated with other artists such as Brandon Flowers and Richard Ashcroft. He has also embarked on solo endeavors that showcase his versatility as a musician. From intimate acoustic performances to energetic live shows, Chaplin consistently delivers memorable experiences for fans.


Tom Chaplin
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