Barry Adamson

Moss Side Story

  • Release Date: October 1st 2018
  • £5.99

Moss Side Story is an album by Barry Adamson released in 1989. Barry Adamson's debut album begins appropriately enough with what sounds like someone fleeing in terror while horror strings build, panicked whispering climbing to a scream. 'Moss Side Story' is all scuzzy horror soundtrack, a sound that weaves through all of his later albums, but never so purely so as here. His work is always a jazzy sort of dark ambient, cinematic and usually involving a lot of sampling deep down in the mix that you only hear when you listen closely, with lots of people on phones, radios, answering machines, or otherwise filtered through static and noise. His music constantly evokes crime and horror films in the grit of its atmosphere. Imaginary soundtracks to murder people by.

Featured in: Mute 4.0