Birthday Party


  • cad3223
  • Release Date: August 27th 2012
  • £16.99

4ad reissue Junkyard in a special vinyl edition. Apart from the lp, the package also contains a bonus 7" featuring Release the Bats and Blast Off. Additionally, it includes a cd of all 12 tracks, so that fans can also access the music digitally. The album has been mastered from Henry Rollins' 2000 re-master, previously unavailable in Europe, while the single is a new, 2012 master taken from the original studio analogue tapes. Released in May 1982, Junkyard's uncompromising contents signalled both the oncoming demise of the band responsible for them and rock and roll's logical conclusion. harnessing the power of the Stooges' Funhouse' with the limitless possibilities offered by Captain Beefheart's 'Trout Mask Replica', the Birthday Party were a product of the uncertain times that created them - the unwitting soundtrack to a time of death, darkness and decay.