Black Roots

Take It

  • KHP031
  • Release Date: November 2nd 2018
  • £9.99

Formed in 1979, Black Roots exploded onto the Roots Reggae scene in 1981 when legendary Radio 1 John Peel showcased their debut EP on his show, hailing them as one of the best new reggae bands in the UK. Their unique brand of roots reggae drew in people seeking to find a voice that spoke out against the injustices and alienation caused by the pace of political reform introduced in Thatcherite Britain. Black Roots’ uncompromising lyrical content was that voice throughout the 80’s.

The band went back into the studio in December 2017 to record and produce 22 songs at Portishead’s J&J Studio in Bristol employing the mixing talents of Louis Beckett. The first album from this session, Take It is released on the band’s own label Nubian Records. They deliver that conscious and uncompromising message with those harmonic vocals backed by a deep melodic roots reggae rhythm that makes them so unique.