Blue Orchids

Bomb Manchester! / Bomb Hamburg!

  • PICI0002CD
  • Release Date: January 27th 2017
  • £14.99

Ltd edition - only 300 copies worldwide. This double CD contains two complete live shows, the first from the band’s home city of Manchester in 1981, as they prepared for the debut album, The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) and had just come off a tour with Echo & the Bunnymen and series of live shows as the backing band for Nico. The second disc contains a 1985 live set from Hamburg, with an almost entirely different selection of songs, including some intended for a never-recorded follow-up to their first album. Both of these live shows were heavily bootlegged, largely due to the relative scarcity of live recordings from the band, who never bothered to record any of their own shows and tended to take a dim view of those who did! Throughout the years, fans have asked for these recordings to be made more widely available, so the band brought them into the studio to clean them up a bit, improving the sound and editing out some extraneous noise. Richard Trubridge, who produced the new Blue Orchids album, The Once And Future Thing, mastered the first disc, and Stuart Moxham (of Young Marble Giants and The Gist) did some reworking and mastering the second.