Rough Trade

40th Anniversary Journal

A celebration of 40 years of an iconic music company's existence, told through the stories of over 100 contributors from the world of music, literature, art and film such as Brian Eno, Bill Drummond, Viv Albertine, David Shrigley, Jake Arnott, Lavinia Greenlaw, Jon Savage and Melissa Harrison.

With jacket illustration from London based art collective Le Gun and a foreword from Thurston Moore, whose Ecstatic Peace Library imprint are co-publishers. Includes a 7" with an exclusive track featuring John Grant, Will Burns and John (Arthur) Webb. Hand numbered special edition run of 2016 copies.

In 1976 Geoff Travis opened a record shop called Rough Trade in West London and helped change the face of British musical culture. Over the next 40 years, a record label, a revolutionary distribution company and an ever-changing record shop maintained their positions at the forefront of independent music in the UK, releasing records by Stiff Little Fingers, The Raincoats, The Smiths, The Fall,The Libertines,The Strokes and many others whilst helping shape the future of music retail via trend-bucking stores such as Rough Trade East.

This journal tells the myriad of stories built up over those 40 years, from author Philip Hoare remembering his first job in the Rough Trade warehouse, to Jarvis Cocker interviewing his long-term manager and Rough Trade label co-owner Jeannette Lee, or a page full of jokes from shop favourite Josh T Pearson, new poetry from literary stars like Declan Ryan, Joe Dunthorne and Kate Tempest inspired by their musical discoveries to Mark Ronson's musings on the nature of cool. There are photos, comic strips, illustrations, interviews, reminiscences and on the 7" single included, a poem written by Will Burns and read by John Grant, with musical accompaniment from Male Bonding's John (Arthur) Webb. Scritti Politti's Green Gartside draws the Rough Trade East toilet, XL Recordings head-honcho Richard Russell tries to convince long-time employee and Vice's 'Record Store Guy' Sean Forbes to embrace Hip-Hop. Kurt Cobain faxes over his sleeve notes for The Raincoats re-issue.

There are love stories among the staff, triumphant career moves, and the litany of small victories that yield themselves in the minutiae of collecting, listening and working together. In short, this beautifully designed, relentlessly compiled book bestows the life of the shop itself; irreverent, funny, chaotic and most of all human.

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