Everett True

Ed Sheeran Is Shit (and Other Major Musical Malfunctions).

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Fed up with the unrelenting positivity of the Internet wherein any actual music criticism is equated with trolling? Feel that as an individual you SHOULD be allowed to express an opinion, however unpopular, however against the grain?

Sick to the back teeth of stick-in-the-mud indie rock apologists, of bouncy-bouncy poptimism?

Then this is the book for YOU!

Featuring the following:

Arcade Fire is shit
Chris Martin is shit
Bono is shit
Ed Sheeran is shit
Dave Grohl is shit
Morrissey is shit
Billy Corgan is shit
Father John Misty vs Ryan Adams. Who is the biggest asshole?
Father John Misty vs Ed Sheeran. Who is the more shit?
Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature ; some facts

ALSO: suitably lavish and loving appraisals of bands and artists oft overlooked, to help balance the overwhelming scales of shit - to wit, Porridge Radio, Bent, Jenny Hval, Foxy Morons, The Goon Sax, Helen McCookerybook, Tunabunny, Nicholas Allbrook and so forth…

Every story recounted is accompanied by suitably sardonic illustrations from the pen of the reclusive French genius Vincent Vanoli.