The Secret DJ

The Secret DJ

The Secret DJ is the true story of DJing, from an authentic voice speaking to this scene. The Secret DJ will give hints and guide newbies, as well as telling it as it really is for most DJs.

The secret DJ never set out to be "a DJ", no-one did in the 80s unless you wanted to get on the radio and possibly illegally close to children. Djing was about the connection music had to something ephemeral and glamorous that happened to other people very far away and for everyone, it started with radio empowering nerds. Wherever they were. However nerdy. If you are young, just replace the word 'radio' with 'internet'.

The Dance scene has lasted for 30 years but has enjoyed very little coverage from those that have lived it. It is huge. It's the world's biggest youth movement bar-none and unlike it's grandfather, the sixties, it's still going 30 years later and only growing larger.

This book is not an instruction manual - more a cautionary tale that may illuminate anyone who has harboured ambition to pack a dancefloor...

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