Tim Burgess

One Two Another: Writing Lyrics: From the Charlatans to The Chemical Brothers and Beyond

  • 9781472130310
  • Hardback
  • £20.00

Tim Burgess is lead singer of one of the defining bands of the '90s, The Charlatans. In One Two Another, the singer presents and annotates his lyrics - from The Charlatans to The Chemical Brothers - allowing an insight into a very idiosyncratic and creative song-writing process.

As Tim writes: 'That's the thing. I imagine almost everybody writes songs in different ways, but then again each person may use all the different ways to come up with the lyrics to a song. From lists to experiences and stories, there are no rules. A good song is a good song whoever writes it and however the writing happens. I only know what I do. In this here book I have collected some of the ideas and thoughts and words.'

'Tim Burgess is a crusader and vinyl's epic voyager. He knows why pop's art, a culture and a cure. Learn and listen. He knows good things' Johnny Marr

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