Celeste Bell and Zoë Howe

Dayglo! The Poly Styrene Story: Special Edition

  • 9781787602168
  • Limited box set (250 copies)
  • Release Date: March 28th 2019
  • £100.00

Poly Styrene was a singer-songwriter, an artist, a free-thinker, a post-modern style pioneer and a lifelong spiritual seeker: a true punk icon

Using interviews with those who knew and loved her, whether personally or through music, the vibrant jigsaw of Poly’s inspiring and often moving story has been lovingly pieced together by her daughter, Celeste Bell, and writer Zoë Howe.

Heavily illustrated throughout with personal photographs, artwork and lyrics, the book beautifully captures Poly Styrene’s creative and personal legacy.

This box-set edition – limited to 250 copies – contains a number of exclusive items, including rare pieces reproduced from Poly’s archive: a specially re-released 7” single (‘Identity’/‘Let’s Submerge’) on pink vinyl, a print of a Pennie Smith photograph, a Poly Styrene tote bag, Poly’s handwritten ‘concept of X-Ray Spex’ note, an ‘Identity’ card, Poly’s handwritten lyrics for ‘Oh Bondage, Up Yours!’ and ‘I Am A Cliché’, Poly’s handwritten sheet music for ‘Identity’ and ‘The Day The World Turned Dayglo’, three badges, Poly’s hand-drawn draft artwork for the Translucence album cover, Poly’s hand-drawn illustration, with signature, three press releases and two flyers for X-Ray Spex gigs!