Chris Carter

Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 - Coursework

  • 12MUTE580
  • Release Date: January 11th 2019
  • £9.99

The Radiophonic Workshop, Chris Liebing and Daniel Avery take home their Coursework from Chris Carter's excellently attended Chemistry Lesson Volume 1. On page one, Chris Carter presents the vocoded fizzing techno track Bongo mixing moments of his lab coat modular setup with frosted vocals that are pulled through a deliciously dub window. Daniel Avery moves things from the lab to the metal works with his clanking, industrial techno rewiring of Uysring. While the second lesson sees The Radiophonic Workshop fittingly boil down Blissters into a beaker of fizzing electronics, recalling some of our favourite musical moments from the pioneering experimenter's rich discography. While recent Mute Signing Chris Liebing reduces Tones Map into a hard-boiled techno number. Consider this education of the highest grade.