Mylo Xyloto

  • p0875531
  • Release Date: October 24th 2011
  • £32.99

'mylo xyloto' was produced by markus dravs, daniel green and rik simpson with enoxification and additional composition by brian eno. 'mylo xyloto' begins where the vivacious 'viva la vida' left off. a short instrumental resonates like the shimmering dawn of a new day, before the talk talk bounce of 'hurt like heaven' ignites, a vocoda-ing martin chirping "you're so cold, so cold". other standouts are live favourite 'charlie brown' which slots snugly into an 'a rush of blood to the head' groove and 'princess of china' which is the much talked about collaboration with rihanna. 'myla xyloto' is another ambitious and impressive coldplay album.